C20 Cricklade


CRICKLADE REVEALED is a series of TEN booklets about local social life in this town and its surrounding area from the early twenties, through the Second World War and its aftermath, to 1970. Based on the tape recorded memories of hundreds of local people, they give a unique insight into life in those times. They have been compiled by Marion Parsons as an on-going oral history project on behalf of Cricklade Historical Society for over 20 years. Each of the ten books is organized chronologically into six chapters, and contains many local and personal photographs.

The inter-war period (1920s-1940s, Parts 1–3) 

Part One topics: (Orange cover)
Health care, law and order, transport, shops and businesses, the gentry, farm work, domestic service, the station, the VWH (Cricklade) Hunt.

Part Two topics: (Sky blue cover)
Cricklade and Latton’s Anglican churches and vicars, Non-conformist chapels, school days, glove making, tennis racquet industry, blacksmiths and wheelwrights, the first commercial garage and its apprentices.

Part Three topics: (Green cover)
Children’s play, North Meadow, the River Thames, two canals, West Mill, town events, ox-roast, cattle market, Town Band, cinema, sports, fairs, weddings and funerals, Christmas celebrations. 

The Second World War (1940s-1950s, Parts 4-7) 

Part Four topics: (Grey / red cover)
The blackout, rationing, conscription, the first evacuees, the formation of Cricklade’s Home Guard, Fire Service, ARP Wardens and Special Policemen.

Part Five topics: (Grey / blue cover)
The REME, American troops, land girls, factory workers, Italian POWs, Red Cross, WVS, army cadets, more evacuees, billets, school restrictions, air raid warnings, local bombing, dances, war effort, Latton.

Part Six topics: (Grey / green cover)
RAF Down Ampney and Blakehill Farm, compulsory land purchase, D-Day preparations, Arnhem mission, Canadian troops, military casualties, civilian life, wartime weddings, VE Day, Latton Camp and POWs.

Part Seven topics: (Lilac cover)
Final war years, post-war housing, Blakehill airfield, and civilian camp, closure of RAF Down Ampney. High Street (west) residents and traders.

The Post-war period (1950s-1970s) Parts 8–10). 

Part Eight topics: (Gold cover)
High Street (east) residents and traders, Calcutt Street, Blakehill Camp, Blakehill County School, Prior Park School, Bottom School, fire service, 1947 winter, leisure and sport, Eisey and Alex Farm.

Part Nine topics: (Navy cover)
Carnivals, 1950s farming, business revival, new entrepreneurs, committees, societies, Anglican parishes amalgamation, Latton Lido, CWS creamery, Blakehill Camp children’s stories.

Part Ten topics: (Red cover)
Familiar buildings demolished, new housing estates built, car ownership, modern family life, business expansion, Chelworth Industrial Estate, Latton Creamery, St, Sampson’s Primary School, Prior Park School, Secondary education at Purton, the ancient Manorial Court, North Meadow, 1963 winter. 

These books contain indexes for all the main books, plus extra stories.

CRE 1: (Black cover)
Extra pre-war stories of PEOPLE and people index for Parts 1-3.

CRE 2: (Dark grey cover)
Extra pre-war stories of PLACES and places index for Parts 1-3.

CRE 3: (Red cover)
Extra WW2 stories, and general wartime index for Parts 4-7.

CRE 4: (Purple cover)
Extra WW2 PEOPLE & PLACES stories and combined index for Parts 4-7

(CRE 5) will follow in due course to cover Parts 8 – 10 before the project finally comes to an end. 

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